Aleksandr Babkin



Professional pixel-mover for 6+ years. And also do backend now.

Interested in growing in backend development, especially low level stuff. Learning Kotlin and C. Interested in C, C++, Rust, Zig.

Achievements and experience:

  • After 8 months of practicing in backend performed huge (~10k lines) refactoring of our codebase, which improved code quality and separated responsibilities. Other NodeJS project handled 1k rps at its peak
  • led a team of 3 developers, launched new project in 1.5 months (2x times faster of estimates). Now it grows exponentially
  • mentored and helped engineers to grow from junior to middle and from middle to senior
  • able to design any project or feature with estimates. The result is RFC document and tasks in your favourite tracker
  • contributed >5000 lines to nanoutils
  • interviewer: technicals and finals
  • Flexing with Vim


6+ years
Toast / Senior Software Engineer
December 2022 – Current Time

Became a fullstack developer on Kotlin/Java/DynamoDB stack.

  • Maintaining high frontend expertise in our team/department (I hope)
  • Performed huge refactoring (~10k lines) of our project to split code in to different modules and layers. Made code modules less coupled and restricted its responsibilities
  • Contributing to internal UI library
  • Collaborating with other teams on creating and integrating modern tools in our day-to-day workflow
  • Mentoring and helping other team members with backend background to get familiar with frontend development

React / Typescript / Apollo / Tailwind / Kotlin

Yandex / Senior Frontend Developer
September 2021 – November 2022

Leading the team of 2 people (I’m the 3rd).

Made a product from scratch based on two independent systems. Our work was to unite them (React/Redux/Node.js and Angular/PHP). MVP was released in 1.5 months (2x times faster than expected), we used telegram-bot for it.

The second round of development was about 2.5 months (as was estimated). After production release of our live-dashboard, the amount of deals has exponential growth (from dozens to hundreds in a month)!

Decomposing huge tasks after designing it, write code, review code, trying to help my team to grow their skills though interesting and complicated tasks.

BFF — Node.js


Yandex / Frontend Developer
September 2020 – September 2021

Was leading a team of 3 people (I was 4th). Working on all user scenarios of Yandex.Classifieds project

  • developed router on node.js. It was handling about 1k rps (not very much, but not low) and without memory leaks
  • implemented framework for e2e tests, wrote some tests on critical functionality. It improved testing and deploying process
  • made devtools for our project: traces, bug-report, A/B tests management. It decreased MANY times process of testing new fatures by managers
  • wrote cool virtual-scroller amonth other. It was 2x times lighter that previous one, and also SSR time was decreased by 25%
  • introduced decomposition and design-review as instruments for developing huge features. It allowed us to manage development of huge features more precisely, make it in parallel way
  • took a part in production release of our project
  • helped junior guys grow to middle level
Rocketbank / Senior Frontend Developer
January 2020 – August 2020

Was developing large project of web-bank by myself. Cool stuff:

  • made whole web-bank app to be Accessible for disabled people. There were cool keyboard and voiceover navigation (it was cool because of tree-like structure, not plain)
  • made `SRP`-system for our bank (SRP: system of rapid payments). Our bank was one of the first who did it. It was attractive for new customers
  • made sub-app for maintain Self employment customers. It was a time when they begun to appear, because of new legislation. It was good impact for attracting new customers. We served about 5.000 of them
  • made feature for closing all bank products (we were closing at that time). It was complex step-by-step form (accounts, cards, deposits, overdrafts, bonuses and etc.)
Rocketbank / Frontend Developer
February 2018 – January 2020

Had developed and maintained projects from scratch as frontender and fullstack developer (nodejs)

Also was working on marketing projects. Couple of them:

  • pixel game on canvas
  • complex landings about new products (new mobile app and web-bank) (will show it soon)
Empty Studios / Frontend Developer
February 2020 – July 2020

Made e-shop

Next.js / Storeon / Astroturf

Perx Soft / Junior Frontend Developer
April 2017 – January 2018

Working on Jaguar-Landrover admin panel.
Full layout developing for Disney Russia intranet.

Frontend developing the Renault Russia online appointment system for vehicle maintenance.